James Reid not expecting a PBB Big 6 slot for himself

Four more days left before the PBB Teen Clash 2010 Unite on the Big Night, but Australian James Reid continues to be an admirable housemate as the Big Night draws near.

Last night on PBB primetime, Kuya asked the 7 housemates one by one who their Big 6 are and who they like to be the Big Winner. And of all the housemates, it was only James who didn't include himself in the Big 6.

According to him, he never expected to reach this far, much more being part of the Big 6. "I think they're more deserving than me," he said.

How humble! Unlike other housemates who included themselves in their
own Big 6, with 2 of them even crowning themselves as the Big Winner.

Here's how they ranked their fellow housemates (with #1 as their Big Winner):

ANN's Big 6 1. Ryan 2. Ivan 3. Fretzie 4. Ann 5. Devon 6. Bret Jackson

BRET 1. Ryan 2. Fretzie 3. Bret 4. Ivan 5. Devon 6. James

RYAN 1. Devon 2. Ivan 3. Bret 4. James 5. Ryan 6. Ann

JAMES 1. Ivan 2. Devon 3. Bret 4. Fretzie 5. Ryan 6. Ann

IVAN 1. Devon 2. Fretzie 3. Ivan 4. Ryan 5. Ann 6. Bret

DEVON 1. Devon 2. Fretzie 3. Ivan 4. James 5. Ryan 6. Ann

FRETZIE 1. Fretzie 2. Ivan 3. Bret 4. Devon 5. Ann 6. James

Though Devon is the big winner of 3 housemates, it's Ivan who ranks the highest if all their rankings are combined, because he's in everybody's Top 3 (except for Bret). Based on the combined rankings, the order will be: Ivan, Devon, Fretzie, Ryan, Bret, Ann and James.

That just means, the housemates don't like James much in the Big 6. But not for the viewers and voters who will decide on their fate.

JamLi fans are sad that Ann didn't include James on her list and James just ranked Ann as 6th. Notice also that Ivan and Devon have put all Pinoy housemates above the Teenters, unlike the Teenters who even ranked the Pinoys above themselves.

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