Ryan Bang Kissing James Reid - My Favorite PBB Teen Clash Moment

PBB Teen Clash 2010 is about to end in a few days and lookin' back at some of its memorable moments, I think my favorite of them all is the (almost gay) kissing moment involving three Teenternationals. Kayo rin ba?

That happened exactly a week ago, when Australian housemate James Reid got a kiss from Korean housemate Ryan Bang.

PBB Teens Kissing

And look at American housemate Bret Jackson. He was so happy with what he saw.

Bret also kissed James on the cheeks before that and the Aussie cutie exclaimed, "Oh! that was wet!"

But the highlight of that moment was actually not the kisses, but the special bond among them. Ryan and Bret cried a bucket of tears when
James was about to leave the house for the hospital. That was so touching!

Bret, James and Ryan are currently favorites to end up in the Big 6.

But what is this latest PBB update that James wanted to exit the house voluntarily?

James was back in the house a day after he was hospitalized, but still has to get well. He still has to be supported with an oxygen and is
bed-ridden most of the time.

That's why, he initially thought of voluntarily exiting the house yesterday but he apparently changed his mind today as he starts practicing already (playing the guitar) for their Big Goal Concert this Thursday.

Screenshot courtesy of PBB Teen Clash 2010 Facebook Page

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