Big 6 on the Big Night of PBB Teen Clash 2010

A big revelation was made tonight on PBB Teen Clash 2010: There will be a "Big 6" on the Big Night. Do we have to be happy?

It's actually great to hear that for the first time in PBB history, there will be 6 housemates on the Big Night.

And it's also great that the teenternationals and the Pinoy housemates will now have 3 slots each, meaning equal chances for both sides. But for the teenter fans, it's unfair as it could also mean that there will only be 50% chance for a teenternational to be a big winner. And there's also a big possibility that the Big Winner will still be a Pinoy, so as to avoid objections.

Currently in-house are 4 Pinoys and 5 Teenters. It has also become unfair that 2 from the Teenters will still have to leave while only 1 from Pinoys has to go.

The voting for the latest set of nominees continues until Wednesday and 1 among Tricia, Devon, Jenny and Bret will be evicted.

It was also announced by Big Brother that if one between Tricia and Devon will be evicted, the 3 remaining Pinoy housemates will be automatically be included in the Big 6. And a new voting will begin for the 5 teenters to determine the Top 3 from them who will join the Big Night.

But if Bret or Jenny leaves, the voting will run for all 8 housemates and the 6 (3 Pinoy, 3 Teenternat'l) who will get the highest votes are this edition's Big 6.

Who do you think will be the Big 6? My forecast: Bret Jackson, James Reid, Ryan Bang, Fretzie Bercede, Ivan Dorschner and Tricia Santos. I feel sad for Jenny Kim. She's been doin' great in the house but there are only 3 available slots for the teenters.

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