Ariel, Luna Maya, Cut Tari Video Scandal hits Indonesia

Indonesian celebrities Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari are allegedly the stars of three scandal videos circulating online.

According to reports, there are 3 scandalous videos which features a guy who looks like Ariel, a lead vocalist of an award-winning rock band in Indonesia, the "Peterpan".

Allegedly, 28-year-old Ariel whose real name is Nazriel Irham is with girlfriend Luna Maya in 2 videos and another one with ex-girlfriend Cut Tari, both models.

Luna Maya, 26, is also a TV host, an actress and a World Food Program Ambassador
against Hunger (Just like our KC Concepcion).

It's not yet confirmed whether they're really the people in the tapes
but the controversy is already affecting Ariel, Luna and Cut, especially when it comes to their endorsements. Reportedly, the Lux
Soap ad of Ariel and Luna had been pulled out following the leak of the videos.

If you regularly visit Twitter, for sure you'd noticed "Ariel
Peterp-rn" has been trending there for 3 days now. Yes, it refers to Ariel and his
band Peterpan, and people are calling his scandal collection as such.

It's unknown who leaked the video. There's a rumor that Ariel's video camera was left in a hotel and so the leak happened, but the Jakarta Police is already tracking down any possibilities.

And it just adds to the growing list of bigtime Asian scandals. From
Hong Kong's Edison Chen to Singapore's Gary Ng, then the Philippines'
Hayden Kho Jr, India's Swami Nithyananda and now the latest,
Indonesia's Ariel of Peterpan Scandal.

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