Angelo Pasco, forced evicted; James Reid to return inside the PBB house

Angelo Pasco from Antique has been forced evicted from PBB Teen Clash 2010 after he was rushed to the hospital yesterday and failed to come back within 24 hours.

Angelo's doctor has not permitted him to go back the house because of his condition, which the doctor considers as infectious. Apparently, Angelo wasn't given a medical clearance to be able to come back within the 24-hour deadline.

He becomes the 4th housemate this season to be given a Forced Eviction, after Maichel Fideles, Eslove Briones and Shey Bustamante. (A record!)

Angelo has managed to survive 4 evictions. And the forced eviction definitely saddens those who voted him hoping he will end up in the Big 5.

As for Australian housemate James Reid who was also admitted to the hospital hours later than Angelo, he will be back inside the house by tomorrow morning.

It was announced by Kuya earlier that James is still under observation and the doctor is yet to give him his medical clearance. It will be a big loss for PBB if in case this well-followed housemate and Big 5 potential won't be able to come back. That's why, PBB will do everything to have him back even if he's not really fully recovered.

Meanwhile, the voting for this week's nominees (Tricia Santos, Bret Jackson, Devon Seron and Jenny Kim) has already resumed tonight, but the eviction happens next week.

No one will be evicted this coming Saturday, June 5 because of Angelo's forced eviction.

Now, it's a big question why the voting had to be temporarily stopped last night. It's so confusing!

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