'Wowowee' welcomes 4 new hosts


[Four new hosts on Wowowee = Four more girls surrounding Willie]

As expected, the 4 new additional hosts introduced today on ABS-CBN's Wowowee are all girls, making it as the Philippines' noontime show with the highest number of female hosts (8) and with the least number of male hosts (just 1).

New hosts on Wowowee are Carmen Soo, Kelly Misa, Isabelle Abiera and Jed Montero. I have already told you about Carmen and Kelly in my previous posts. And now, let's get to know Isabelle (1st photo) and Jed (2nd photo).

Isabelle Abiera is a member of Star Magic Batch 15 and has been under Star Magic for three years now. She already appeared on TV shows like Abt Ur Luv and Astigz, and soon in a love triangle with Empress Schuck and Felix Roco in 'Rosalka'.

Jed Montero (Rebecca Gail Montero), a UP student, is a discovery from Wowowee's Willie of Fortune episode last February as one of the "pretty lady" contestants. Willie already liked her since then. In fact, Jed already hosted "Cash o Bukas" segment on the same episode.

With that, Willie has more reasons to be happy everyday on Wowowee. He was caught saying today, "Ang sarap naman nito!" while the hosts, the dancers and guests (all female) are dancing around him.

I remember one male host from the rival network was quoted saying before that Wowowee was like a beer house already because of too many girls beside and behind Willie in the show.

What else is new on Wowowee today? Aside from new hosts and much beautiful set, nothing more is new.

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