PBB Forced Eviction: Will it be Eslove Briones or Shey Bustamante?

It seems like Shey Bustamante is not the only 'candidate' for a
possible forced eviction tonight on PBB Teen Clash 2010 as Eslove also
did something which could mean a forced eviction for him.

Posted below are the lines Shey and Eslove heard and seen over the
24/7 live feed. Not exactly the words they say, but it's what the
thought of what they said.

ESLOVE TO TRICIA: "Masasaksak kita sa sobrang inis ko. Inis na inis na
'ko sa 'yo."

SHEY TO DEVON: "Ramdam ko sa nomination, grupo natin 'yung iboboto
nila...tapos tayo...basta 'yung grupo nila ang iboboto natin...pero
gets mo ang sinabi ko? dun tayo magvote sa kabila..."

Now you judge which housemate should be given a forced eviction. Or
will it be another housemate other than Shey and Eslove?

We shall know it tonight on PBB Teen Clash 2010. Stay tuned for updates!

[Special thanks to fiona cruz and eNjA of PEX for the quotes from Shey
and Eslove]

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