Justin Bieber now in Tokyo, Japan, then in Australia on Monday

16-year-old Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has arrived in
Tokyo, Japan today for a short appearance there.

Justin in fact has informed his more than 2 million followers on
Twitter that he's gonna check out Tokyo and buy some sneakers. "I'm in
Tokyo, Japan!!! Slept almost the entire flight. Trying to get to the
hotel and then go out and check out some sneaker stores."

Biebers fans in neighboring Asian countries have mixed reactions. Some
feel excited while others are envious and many are hoping that Bieber
will also tour other Asian countries.

One fan tweeted, "I wanna be in Japan with Justin Bieber shoppin' for
sneakers." Then another one said, "Attn Justin Bieber, no one in Japan
cares about you." And someone from Japan has tweeted, "That lil boy
Justin Bieber is here in Japan and everybody's freaking out. No lie I
didn't know who he was until I saw his video."

After Japan, Justin Bieber will fly to Sydney, Australia for a short
TV appearance on the morning show "Sunrise" of Channel 7.

Now, some Asian fans are asking, "When will Justin Bieber come to our
country?", a common question from those in Indonesia, Malaysia,
Philippines and Singapore.

I've read somewhere on the net that Justin Bieber will only stage
concerts in some Asian countries if his latest album 'My World 2.0"
will be sold out there or tons of units will be sold. I'm not sure if
it's true, but it might be true.

In fact, in the Philippines, Filipino fans have been buying the Bieber
album. On the latest album chart released by Odyssey music stores in
the Philippines, Bieber album is already the #1 top-seller. Check it

1) 'My World 2.0' - Justin Bieber
2) 'Ikaw Na Nga' - Willie Revillame
3) 'The Fame Monster' - Lady Gaga
4) 'Byahe' - Noel Cabangon
5) 'KC' - Kc Concepcion
6) 'Fearless (Platinum Edition)' - Taylor Swift
7) 'I Star 15: Best of TV & Movie Themes' - Various Artists
8) 'Bugoy Drilon 2nd Album' - Bugoy Drilon
9) 'Only One' - U-Kiss
10) 'Addicted to Acoustic 2' - Princess Velasco

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