Justin Bieber, Charice on 'Oprah' this May 11, 2010

After his cancelled show in Australia, Justin Bieber has to prepare
for his appearance in 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on May 11. And
incidentally, it's the same day of Charice's guesting in the show.

While it will already be Charice's 4th time in Oprah, Justin on one
hand will be guesting there for the first time.

Charice will celebrate her birthday and launch her international album
there while Justin will be featured in the show as the newest teen
craze in the world.

Both were Youtube sensation before hitting it big in Hollywood and
everyone's hoping that Charice and Bieber will do a duet in the show,
probably sing together Bieber's song 'Baby'?

On Youtube, Charice has a video singing live the Bieber's hit song and
she sounds like Bieber. 'Amazing', 'awesome' and ' better version' are
just some of the reactions of those who watched the vid. And it would
be a good idea if the two will sing it on Oprah. Request for it guys!

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