It's Eslove Briones! - Forced Eviction


Kuya will impose a 'forced eviction' for the jolly-go-lucky guy Eslove Briones from Tawi-Tawi.

And the reason? Eslove jokingly pointed a knife to Tricia Santos at the kitchen. He even joked, "Pag nademonyo ako dyan, cge ka!"

Yes, it was actually a joke but for Kuya, not a good joke. As stated in the rule book of PBB, any housemate who becomes violent or has the tendency to be violent will be removed from the house immediately.

Tsk tsk tsk! For sure, a lot of viewers will be sad to hear it as Eslove brings 'life' in the house is one of the well-loved housemates this edition.

It's even more unfortunate coz Eslove will be celebrating his birthday this Friday and that one would the worst birthday gift ever for Eslove.

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