'Trivan' of PBB, love them or hate them?


From Kimerald to Melason, and now Trivan?

PBB Teen Clash 2010 has just started last Saturday and in just 2 days, there's already a loveteam in the house: Tricia Mae Santos and Ivan Dorschner or now coined as 'TRIVAN'.

It all started when PBB 24/7 Live Feed subscribers caught the two so close and sweet and always seen together. Televiewers are yet to see it on primetime, but on PBB Uber, host Mariel Rodriguez already acknowledged the 'Trivan' loveteam.

However, if there are Trivan lovers, there are also 'Anti-Trivan' people at the other corner.

Trivan is only 14 years old, the youngest housemate, while Ivan is already 19, the oldest housemate. And because of that, some think they're 'unlikely'.

While others don't like the loveteam to exist because, they don't like Tricia for Ivan. The reason? Tricia is said to be not acting her age and is the one who's making advances to Ivan. 'Flirt' is the term they are using to describe it.

But some Tricia supporters defend her by saying that Tricia, who is only 14, is still childish and only finds Ivan as her 'kuya'.

Ivan and Tricia are caught on live feed getting affectionate to each other this early. And Kuya probably should call the two's attention before it goes deeper.

It's indeed a season of clash as the two warring groups are clashing online. On Facebook, they have their respective fan pages. As I write this, Trivan Fan Page has 346 fans while the Anti-Trivan page now has 4,527 fans.

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