Fatima College video scandal leaked on Facebook

It's not the Our Lady of Fatima University we have here in the Philippines
but it's the Fatima College in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago is facing another video scandal after the 'Miss
Trinidad & Tobago Universe Video Scandal' last November.

The said video leaked on Facebook last weekend and it's very
disturbing because it involves two male teenagers, probable age 13 to
15, doing a gay act not fitted for their age. They're wearing
their school uniform in the video and allegedly, it happened at the
bathroom of their school. One of the two tweens is wearing eyeglasses, probably one of the 'brainy' in their class?

And they are reportedly identified as high school students from Fatima College,
a prestigious and exclusive-for-boys Catholic school in Trinidad &

The Trinidad Guardian newspaper has reported online that the two
students have been suspended in school last Monday.

The video has brought out warring groups on Facebook, some are
condemning and blaming the school, some are pushing for s*x education
while others appeal for close guidance by parents.

It's actually an eye opener not only for the people from Trinidad &
Tobago but also for the world because it happens anywhere. Schools and
the parents really have to monitor their students/kids and make sure
they won't be exposed to any temptation.

I have a question for you guys: Are exclusive schools for boys or for
girls most likely exposed or prone to homos*xuality?

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