Vice Ganda shouts "Para kayong nasa gobyerno, mga abusado!"

A big OUCH! for those working in the government!

On Showtime this morning, April 22, 2010, resident judge Vice Ganda
shouted this to some 'Madlang People' in the audience, "Para kayong
nasa gobyerno, mga abusado!"

Vice Ganda was able to shout that because some people from the
audience were asking for more 'May Nag-Txt' T-shirt samples from him.

Sino kaya pinapatamaan ni Vice? Hindi naman siguro MTRCB, who has been
'hot' on them since Rosanna Roces' offensive remarks against teachers
in January.

Will the government officials, employees and MTRCB react on Vice
Ganda's remarks? I hope not.

Vice actually has made a valid point. Maybe not all, but some people
from the government are abusing their power.

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