'Cowboys in Paradise' Scandal in Bali


In Bali, Indonesia, 28 boys at a beach were arrested yesterday just because they are being suspected as gigolos or prostitutes.

It's actually an effort by the Balinese officials to clean up the image of Bali after being depicted as a 's-x tourism destination' in a documentary film.

The docu "Cowboys in Paradise" by a Singapore-based Indian director Amit Virmani tells about foreign women (mostly Japanese) who travel to Bali to search for a paradise, but only to find it in the company of Balinese gigolos called 'Kuta Cowboys'. Wow!

It was shown last week at the DMZ Documentary Film Festival in South Korea and the people from Bali have felt that the docu has ruined the image of Bali.

According to reports, the arrested 28 boys have been put into questioning but no one has admitted they're doing escort service to female tourists. (Maybe they have arrested the wrong people.)

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