Patrick Sugui "Gentle Boy-Next-Door"


Patrick Louie Sugui is for me one of the most exciting housemates of PBB Teen Clash 2010, who premiered last night.

A student from La Salle, Patrick is dubbed the "Gentle Boy Next Door" of Mandaluyong. He just turned 16 last March 23.

Patrick is such a sporty cutie as he plays soccer and basketball, and was even named Most Valuable Player in his school.

It's so interesting that Patrick already experienced heartbreak at a very young age of 15. As revealed on his intro last night, he courted a girl for 10 months but they were 'on' for only 2 weeks. Ouch! That's so painful!

Apart from that, Patrick also has a painful phase in life when it comes to his family. PBB site says that his parents separated when he was still a kiddie. But the good thing is, someone stood up as 2nd father to him, her mom's partner for 8 years now Juan Miguel Salvador (a famous OPM artist in the 80's and now an award-winning jingle composer).

In PBB Teens history, no one from La Salle has made it to the Big 4. Will Patrick be the first one? Make it happen La Salleans!

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