Maichel Fideles - "Courageous Lakan Ng Samar" - 16th housemate of PBB Teen Clash 2010

Maichel Fideles, dubbed the 'Courageous Lakan ng Samar', is officially
the 16th housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010.

Maichel (pronounced like Michael) has just entered the PBB house
earlier, which is already a day after the 15 other housemates' entry
in the house.

He is actually a substitute to the original housemate dubbed as
'Dependent Darling' but unfortunately had a medical problem.

For most of PBB followers, it's a good news for them that the
Courageous Lakan of Samar is the official housemate because they're
still raving for another goodlooking housemate.

And Maichel didn't disappoint them. Maichel looks good and in a way
resembles Zanjoe Marudo. He's already 19 years old and an
out-of-school youth.

Maichel is also a freelance model and has joined several housemates.

With regards to his unusual name, Maichel said that's really what was
written on his birth certificate and he just followed it.

Actually, Maichel is a popular name in Belgium and knowing Pinoy
culture, any name is possible now.

One thing I've noticed about him. He picks up questions / instructions
slowly, or maybe he's still shy or being nervous. But I like him

Now, there are 8 male and 8 female housemates this season and Maichel
has joined the housemates in the Team Villa.

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