Charice defends Archuleta over 'gay issue'

Just last night, Charice has defended David Archuleta over the gay
issue that's haunting him recently.

The gay issue started when David was spotted at Club 57, a gay bar in
New York City. It turned out that David was invited by Charice to
watch her perform there.

David has already aired his side (See my post before this) and it's
Charice's turn to clear things up.

Also on Twitter, Charice seemingly alarmed for the unintentional
trouble she caused to David has posted this: "I just want to clear up
some things, about the Saturday night. David went to see me there
perform as a friend."

David and Charice started being friends when they both graced the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day party in 2008. Then they even had a duet for a
Christmas album last December 2009.

Charice then tweeted how she's grateful to have David as her friend:
"I am really thankful to have a great friend like David...Thank you
David for the support...But bottomline, David just showed his support
for me, and I wanna thank David for doing that."

To which David responded, "Aw haha thanks Charice! Sorry for causing
any problems, I know you didn't mean to cause any confusion."

I hope that ends the issue already.

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