PBB Teen Clash 2010 Official Housemates Revealed!

I am generally satisfied with the PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates who
have just entered the house las night.

As early as now, I already have 5 or more favorites and I hope these
faves of mine would not disappoint me as they reveal their true self
inside the house.

There are 16 official teen housemates this season and 15 of them (8
girls, 7 boys) while the remaining one will enter the house tonight. I
hope it will be a boy.

The Teen Clash housemates introduced last night are the following:

1. Joe "Swabeng Komikero ng Quezon City"
2. Devon Seron "Bubbly Promdi ng Cebu"
3. Eslove Briones "Sigang Istokwa ng Tawi-Tawi"
4. Rachel Ann 'Shey' Bustamante "Diskarte Bombshell ng Mindoro"
5. Angelo Pasco "Struggling Isko ng Antique"
6. Kyra Custodio "Giling Girl ng Batangas"
7. Yong Gopez "Boy Breadwinner ng Pampanga"
8. Romeo 'Potz' Jalosjos III "Political Son ng Dipolog"
9. Rebecca Chiongbian "Heiress Wonder ng Cebu"
10. Yen Santos "Little Miss Sunshine of Nueva Ecija"
11. Patrick Sugui "Gentle Boy-next-Door ng Mandaluyong"
12. Patricia Mae 'Tricia' Santos "Athletic Muse of Davao"
13. Kazel Kinouchi "Shopaholic Chick ng Parañaque"
14. Ivan Dorschner "Striking Stud ng Rizal"
15. Fretzie Bercede "Charming Angel ng Cebu"

The 16th housemate is yet to be known this Sunday night.

Just like PBB Double Up, there are also 2 houses for the teen
housemate. But with a twist. One house is called 'villa' while the
other is called 'apartment'.

Housemates #1 to #7 who had a simple life outside are now staying in
the villa while housemates #8 to #15, who already experienced a
comfortable life, have to live in the apartment.

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