PBB Teen Clash 2010 - 1st Nomination Night

One week after they entered the house, the 16 PBB Teen Clash 2010
housemates had to face the toughest part of being a housemate - to
nominate 2 housemates for eviction.

The housemates from Team Villa and Team Apartment had to nominate 2
housemates who should be evicted, assigning 1 pt and 2 pts to their


Angelo - 2 Eslove 1 Joe
Devon - 2 Angelo 1 Maichel
Eslove - 2 Kyra 1 Devon
Joe - 2 Angelo 1 Yong
Kyra - 2 Angelo 1 Joe
Maichel - 2 Shey 1 Angelo
Shey - 2 Yong 1 Eslove
Yong - 2 Eslove 1 Shey

Fretzie - 2 Tricia 1 Yen
Ivan - 2 Tricia 1 Yen
Kazel - 2 Tricia 1 Potz
Patrick - 2 Tricia 1 Potz
Potz - 2 Tricia 1 Kazel
Rebecca - 2 Tricia 1 Patrick
Tricia - 2 Patrick 1 Potz
Yen - 2 Tricia 1 Rebecca

Angelo Pasco from Antique is the most nominated housemate this week
from the Team Villa with 7 points, because of his 'pagmamarunong' and
being negative always. Followed by Eslove Briones of Tawi-Tawi who got
a total of 5 points, due to his offensive jokes.

As for the Team Apartment, Tricia Santos from Davao received a
record-breaking points of 14. All of her 7 fellows nominated her
including Ivan Dorschner. Reasons cited were her having mood swings,
being suplada, melodramatic and needs attention. Rebecca Chiongbian
nominated her because she always flirts with Ivan. Potz Jalosjos and
Patrick Sugui got 3 points each.

Ivan and Fretzie Bercede are the only housemates who didn't receive a
single vote from the other housemates.

But Kuya made a big announcement last night. Maichel Fideles from
Samar was given an automatic nomination due to major violations such
as not following instructions, talking without lapel, using sign
language etc.

With that 6 housemates need your votes this week & the 2 housemates
with the lowest # of votes will be evicted on Saturday. The nominees
are: Tricia, Patrick, Potz, Angelo, Eslove & Maichel.

To vote, just type BB <NAME OF HOUSEMATE> then send it to 2331 for
Globe, TM & Sun users or 231 for Smart, TNT & Bayan Wireless users.

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