Raven Villanueva now a 'dangerous doll'?

Former T.G.I.S. star Raven Villanueva allegedly has shifted to being a live webcam star using the name 'Ravenous Raven'.

This rumor already broke out in February and two months after, Raven's alleged webcam shots are 'online hopping' showing what the former teen star has become.

Raven allegedly is now a featured webcam star in an adult web site called 'Dangerous Doll' and a photo of a tattoed lady circulating on the web is one of her teaser photos there. Of course, it's not a free website and you need to register and pay to gain full access.

Last Tuesday, Pinoy Parazzi published totally bare pictures of a girl who looks like Raven and allegedly, it came from the said website.

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