OUT 'Power 50' 2010: Adam Lambert is 5th

Out Magazine has once again come up with its own 'Power 50', a listing
of the most powerful gay men and women in the world. And for 2010,
making a breakthrough is American Idol Season 8 Runner Up Adam

Adam Lambert is yet to celebrate his first year since winning as
runner-up in the 8th season of American Idol but he's already
considered the 5th most powerful gay in the world.

On top of the 2010 'Power 50' list is talk show host and Idol judge
Ellen DeGeneres who has grabbed the top spot from politician Barney
Frank. Ellen was #3 in 2007, then 1st in 2008, down to #2 last year
and back to #1 this year.

Other familiar names for me in the 'Power 50' 2010 list are multimedia
blogger Perez Hilton (26th), 'Milk' writer Dustin Lance Black (30th)
and actress Jodie Foster (41st).

How sad, Ricky Martin who just outed last month is isn't part of the
list, but for sure, he'll be up there in 2011.

50. Urvash Vaid
49. Simon Halls & Stephen Huvane
48. Brook Colangelo
47. Tim Gunn
46. Jim Nelson
45. John Cooper
44. Thom Browne
43. Gus Van Saut
42. Rufus Gifford
41. Jodie Foster
40. Adam Moss
39. Martha Nelson
38. Andrew Tobias
37. Robert Hanson
36. Wanda Sykes
35. Michael Patrick King
34. Nick Denton
33. Bryan Lourde & Kevin Huvane
32. Alan Ball
31. Andrew Sullivan
30. Dustin Lance Black
29. Chad Griffin
28. Dan Choi
27. Suze Orman
26. Perez Hilton
25. Lee Daniels
24. Anthony Romero
23. Christine Quinn
22. Richard Berke
21. Peter Thiel
20. Scott Rudin
19. Gene Robinson
18. David Geffen
17. Fred Hochberg
16. Jann Wenner
15. Matt Drudge
14. Tim Gill
13. Tom Ford
12. Rich Ross
11. Marc Jacobs
10. Jared Polis
9. Tammy Baldwin
8. Joe Solmonese
7. Neil Patrick Harris
6. Barry Diller
5. Adam Lambert
4. Rachel Maddow
3. Anderson Cooper
2. Barney Frank
1. Ellen DeGeneres

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