'Forced Eviction' for Maichel Fideles

Teen housemate Maichel Fideles, the 'Courageous Lakan of Samar', has been punished with a 'forced eviction' from the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The 'forced eviction' was given due to Maichel's repeated violations like talking without his lapel on, whispering, using sign language and sleeping and taking a shower not in the allowed time.

Those are actually the same reasons why Maichel was given an automatic nomination by Kuya last Saturday, which means the Zanjoe Marudo lookalike didn't learn his lessons.

Maichel becomes the first ever evictee of PBB Teen Clash 2010. But he's the 2nd from Samar to be given a forced eviction in the history of PBB. In PBB Double Up, Tom Rodriguez representing Samar was also forced evicted.

Tomorrow on Uber, Kuya will tell Michael about his big decision and will be forced to leave the house.

It has also been announced that the voting for the 5 other nominees for eviction still continues and the 2nd evictee will leave on Saturday.

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