Kim Chiu doesn't need any s-xual experience

[Maybe for now] Kim Chiu doesn't need to have a s-xual experience just
to become a good actress.

That's what Kim gamely shared during her birthday presscon lately.

Mercy Lejarde of People's Journal asked Kim if she's in favor of
pre-marital s-x. And she said, "Hindi. Kung 20 ka pa lang, huwag muna.
Masyado pang maaga. Saka, baka isang malaking bagay 'yun na pagsisihan
mo 'pag nangyari."

Lejarde digged her even more about some people saying that for an
actress to be very effective in the role she portrays (especially in
doing love scenes), she needs to have a s-x experience.

Kim laughed at it and said, "Grabe? Hindi naman ako magbo-bold star
kaya hindi ko kailangan ang s-xual experience."

Great answer Kim! But analyzing what she said, pre-marital s-x would
just be fine for those 21 years old and above.

Kim Chiu turns 20 this April 19th [so 1 year pa!] while her loveteam
partner Gerald Anderson turned 21 last month [pwede na!].

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