Obama Entertainment Club opens in China


The Obama Entertainment Club successfully opened (just a soft opening) las Monday, April 26, 2010, in Shanghai, China.

Yes, it's apparently named after the US President Barack Obama but obviously not endorsed by Obama.

Notice the Obama club official logo, it has a pink leg of a woman on the letter O, and that probably hints what to expect in Obama club.

Those who came reportedly were disappointed that they didn't find the pink-legged woman there but they were convinced that it boasts of a very wide and spacious dance floor.

Entertainers were of all sort, including singers, breakdancers, pole dancers and ladies in bikini.

It's also interesting that the VIP Rooms located at the club's 2nd floor were named after the US cities like Miami, Boston etc.

Obama Entertainment Club aims to become the biggest night club and the #1 hot spot in Shanghai, China.

It's not surprising if we could see non-Chinese entertainers there in the future, just like the clubs in Japan, Singapore, etc.

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