Housemates Shey and Devon might get an 'Automatic Nomination' this Sunday

PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates Shey Bustamante and Devon Seron were
caught in 24/7 Live Feed the other night having a conversation about
the nomination thingy, which is a major violation in Kuya's rule book.

Shey started the conversation out of being worried that the housemates
from the Apartment might nominate the Villa housemates in the next
nomination since the two teams have already been merged in just one
house starting last Sunday.

Devon agreed to Shay and even mentioned about Joe Vargas being caught
in between the two groups.

Shey was like trying to convince Devon that they, Villa housemates, in
turn should also nominate the housemates from the Apartment.

Will they be given an automatic nomination? Or a forced eviction for
Shey? We shall see this Sunday.

Talking about the nomination is a serious offence in PBB. In its rule
book, it states that any direct or indirect discussion about the
nomination outside the confession room is strictly forbidden.

In PBB Double Up, Princess Manzon was given an automatic nomination
when she once mentioned about who she nominated. And also in PBB
Celebrity Edition 2, Jon Avila was forcibly evicted when he influenced
his co-housemates in the nomination process.

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