PBB Teen Clash voting this week has been stopped

Just half an hour ago, PBB Teen Clash 2010 voting for this week has
been stopped. But why?

For sure, those who are actively campaigning "BBE TRICIA" on Twitter
and in some fora will be very disappointed to hear this.

However, the PBB alert being flashed on our TV screens now says
"pansamantalang pinatitigil ang botohan", which means the voting suspension is only temporary.

Does it have something to do with housemates Angelo Pasco and James Reid, who got sick and have been
rushed to the hospital? But they're not nominated, so why does the voting
has to be suspended?

And since the PBB Big Night is fast appoaching, they couldn't afford to lose many housemates this week.

If James and Angelo don't come back inside the house within 24 hours, they'll be given a forced eviction. But if they come back, the voting will resume and one among Tricia Santos, Jenny Kim and Bret Jackson will be evicted on Saturday.

Which one would you like to happen?

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