Sandra Bullock denies scandalous videotape with Jesse James

Oscars 2010 Best Actress Sandra Bullock has denied the existence of a
scandalous video tape involving her and husband James.

In an official statement sent to People Magazine on Tuesday, March 6,
Sandra has disproved malicious rumors that she and Jesse James have
atleast one scandalous videotape ready to come out soon.

"There is no s-x tape. There never has been one and there never will
be one," Sandra told People. She also said that she's now taking
actions for her divorce with James, her husband for 5 years, who's now
in rehab for treatment from s-x addiciton.

The scandalous videotape rumor started end of March when news broke
out that Jesse James allegedly has more than 10 scandal videos and
Sandra allegedly appeas in one of them.

Sandra and Jesse have been making headlines because of their breakup
caused by Jesse's alleged cheating. Three woman have been named and
alleged as Jesse James mistresses: Michelle (Bombshell) McGee,
Bridgette Daguerre and Melissa Smith.

The Jesse James' cheating scandal is considered one of the biggest in Hollywood.

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