KC Montero also offended U-Kiss fans

DJ Mo Twister is not alone in facing the controversy brought upon by
his Twitter posts against K-pop group U-KISS.

Fil-Am KC Montero, a former MTV VJ and also a radio DJ, was actually
exchanging tweets with DJ Mo last Sunday while U-Kiss was performing
on GMA's Party Pilipinas.

Responding to Mo's tweet about U-Kiss, KC said, "well yeah! we
starting the whole, "why are they on this show" thing."

He then continued, "shh---ttt, I could never be in a boy band...you
need hair to style from the back. I did rock a pretty dope bowl back
in the day."

KC went on further and said, "haha Tim Yap totally is in the group."
He later remarked, "I so can't wait to not buy the Ukiss album. Sorry
I quite don't get it."

On Wednesday, a certain Nica Acero (@niicachan) defended U-Kiss and
told KC how they (the fans) are disappointed of his tweets. She
tweeted, "We're just really disappointed. The approach of your tweets
to the fans is not that good. It looks like you're bashing them. K-pop
fans are 'crazy' when they're mad. I'm sorry about the direct approach
but your conver with Mo Twister wasn't really nice."

To which KC responded immediately after, "Of course the fans don't
appreciate it. I'd get mad if you were making fun of my favorite.
That's why you're a fan and I'm not."

KC defended himself further and even stating that he doesn't like
U-kiss. "What did I say about UKiss? I said I don't get them. They
speak Korean, am I supposed to get it?"

"We're all entitled to our own opinion. Do I get them? Nope. Do I like
them? Nope. Can I say whatever I like? Yup," he said. "Say whatever
you like bout my favs and I don't care. It's a free world. You guys
just happen to be listening to my conversation."

KC is currently a radio DJ at the newly-launched U92 radio station.

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