'Bieber or Die' on April Fool's Day

Justin Bieber has taken over Will Ferrell's comedy video site "Funny
Or Die" (www.funnyordie.com) at least for a day, in time for the April
Fool's Day.

Bieber has changed the site's name to "Bieber Or Die" and even have
this welcome message to the visitors: "Justin Bieber has decided to
buy Funny or Die and do with it whatever his tiny little heart

He even made spoofs of some popular videos and he's totally funny!
Bieber can be a good actor. Among the videos there are "Bieber after
the dentist", "Dramatic Bieber", "OMG Bieber vs OMG Cat", "Justin
Bieber Blow Dries His Hair" and a lot more.

And since it's only for April Fool's Day, the site will go back to
usual in a few hours. So better hurry and watch Bieber there now! For
sure, you'll love him even more.

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