Adam Carolla 'sorry' for the racist remarks against Pacquiao and the Filipinos

Italian-American comedian and radio commentator Adam Carolla has
already issued an apology to the Filipinos, but only on his Twitter

It is in connection with what Adam Carolla said on his show "The Adam
Carolla Podcast" last week that Filipino boxing champion is illiterate
and brain-damaged, and that Philippines all have is s-x stores.

Here's exactly what Carolla said: "Someone has to tell him [Manny
Pacquiao] that it doesn't make a difference. Here's how you know when
your country doesn't hav a lot going for it...when everything about
Manny Pacquiao...Get a f*ckin life as a country..."

"All you f*ckin got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash
other guys in the head better than other people. Really, you want some
guy with brain damage running your country? Why don't you get you shit

"All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores. Get your
shit together Philippines! What happens when Floyd Mayweather beat
him? Then what? Does the whole country go into depression?"

Those remarks by Carolla sounded offensive to Pacquiao fans and to the
whole Filipino nation. For some, it's already a strong racist remark
against the Filipino race.

Just a while ago today, Monday, Adam Carolla has said sorry via his
Twitter account and even praising Pacquiao this time as one great
fighter. He tweets: "Sorry if I offended many of you, I don't preplan
my commentary. I try to be provocative, funny but I crossed the line &
I'm sorry....By the way, I think Manny is a great fighter."

Do you think he's sincere in making that apology on Twitter? Do you
accept it? Is it enough? Or should he make it on his show?

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