Toni - Robin movie cancelled? Who and what caused it?

Toni Gonzaga has hinted of a possible cancellation of her dream movie with Robin Padilla on TV Patrol last night.

Toni didn't mention the reason but a lot of rumors are already coming out as to why it's most likely to be cancelled.

Rumor #1: ABS-CBN and Star Cinema are building up Robin-Mariel Rodriguez tandem instead, both on TV and in movies.

Rumor #2: Robin and Toni will do a TV show first before the movie.

Rumor #3: Robin is set to host a noontime show and will cause conflict in schedule.

Rumor #4: Problem in the production. Bb. Joyce Bernal has lost
interest in directing the movie.

Rumor #5: Misunderstanding between Toni and Robin because the former didn't agree to have kissing/love scenes with the latter.

Now, which rumor would you like to believe?

Fans of Toni reportedly will do anything possible so that the movie
will push through.

Toni for sure will speak more about it on The Buzz, where she will be replacing Kris Aquino starting this Sunday.

The new ELive hosts meanwhile replacing Toni and Bianca (who's now an
SNN host) are Nikki Gil and Jericho Rosales' girlfriend Cesca Litton.

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