Pulpo Paul (Octopus) predicts España to win over Alemania

Mani The Parrot was proved wrong yesterday for predicting a Uruguay
victory against Holland, when actual results were 3-2 in favor of Holland.

It was a good fight though and Uruguay also played great. Probably, the Dutch team, pressured to win, doubled their efforts to disprove the bird's prediction.

For the record, Mani has 4 correct picks out of 5 and for today's match (España vs Alemania), it predicted a Spanish victory.

Just like Germany's very own Pulpo Paul or Paul the Octopus, who also
picked Spain over his home country.

The prediction was revealed live in Germany yesterday and the German
fans were reportedly disappointed to hear it.

Unlike Mani, Pulpo Paul has been predicting Germany's matches only. If
Mani uses cards, the 2-year-old octopus picks between 2 containers or boxes containing food.

Watch a video of it:

And for World Cup 2010, Pulpo Paul is so far 100% accurate on all of its predictions for Germany.

In Euro Cup 2008 though, Pulpo Paul was only 80% correct when it predicted Germany to win Spain in the finals. It turned out the other way around.

For today's World Cup 2010 semifinal match, both Mani The Parakeet and Paul the Octopus predicted España (Spain) to win over Alemania
(Germany). Both might be right or could also end up wrong.

These predictions actually excite me a lot. I might ask my pet dog to make predictions too by simply barking! Try it lol.

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