"Wowowee" bids goodbye, trends on Twitter for the last time

"Wowowee" has aired its last episode today, July 31, 2010, and for the
last time, it was trending on Twitter, an indication of how Filipino viewers will miss the show.

It was a trending topic for atleast 2 hours and browsing at the tweets, most of them expressed sadness that the 5-year-old noontime show has come to an end.

The Wowowee hosts led by Mariel Rodriguez were very emotional on the
show's final episode. They were all crying as they said their farewell

In behalf of the hosts and the program, Mariel thanked former host Willie Revillame for his selfless dedication and devotion in making
Wowowee a success.

I was expecting a video message from Willie but it didn't happen.

As Wowowee ends, I've realized that it could have stayed longer if some people didn't claim it as Willie's program.

As they say, Wowowee is Willie and Willie is Wowowee thus there's no
more reason for it to stay on air, when in fact as Willie repeatedly said, "ang Wowowee ay programa ng bawat Pilipino".

And also, if ABS-CBN didn't name it after Willie, then anybody could host it and it should have continued with or without Willie.

On the positive side, a new and refreshing show will start tomorrow, July 31. And ABS-CBN probably has learned from its mistake already by
not deriving the program's name to the host's name.

It's called "Pilipinas Win Na Win" to be hosted by Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla plus Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion and Pokwang.

And at least this time, none of them could claim it as their own. Even if Kris or Robin leaves the show permanently (na 'wag naman sana), anyone could
replace them.

I'm hoping that Pilipinas Win Na Win will still have a Willie of Fortune-kind of segment because it's what I liked best on Wowowee.

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