"Inception" storyline explained | It's a sure box office winner!

Finally I was able to watch last night the much talked about film "Inception", whose storyline was a mystery ever since and the movie
ending created so much buzz yesterday.

And that explains why I had no new post during the last 16 hours.

After I blogged about the movie ending yesterday based on some people's reviews, I was never that curious about a movie. That's why I had to watch it right away with "someone".

And it's all worth it to watch "Inception". It's the kind of movie that
will be sticking on your mind for many hours, days or even weeks.

Inception's storyline is so original and mind-challenging, but is hard to be explained in words here. Watching it is the best way to understand it.

The movie centers on Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals valuable info, ideas and secrets from other people's minds by entering into their dreams using technology. Yes, Leo is a thief, a criminal here.

And why is it titled "Inception"? We usually interpret the word as beginning or origin, but the movie gives it a deeper meaning.

Inception has a major twist, where Cobb is hired, now no longer to steal ideas, but to plant (destructive) ideas to a person's mind through his dream. And I think that's where "inception"
comes into the storyline, an initiation of something which in the end he might regret doing.

Inception's actually a film which could initiate good discussions. You can have your own interpretation and analysis of the scenes and after watching it, you'll have lots of "why, why, why".

Inception lasts for more than 2 hours and is truly the best movie this 2010. You should not miss a single scene. As they say, don't blink an eye as you watch it.

With the good reviews and the loud buzz, Inception will be a box office winner. I'm so much sure of that.

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