Katrina Kaif look-alike scandal videos

British-Indian actress Katrina Kaif allegedly has scandal videos
available for download on the internet.

And that's the reason why "Katrina Kaif Scandal" dominating hot
searches on the net, but it turned out though that the girl in the videos isn't really Katrina.

The Katrina Kaif look-alike is featured in the scandal videos doing
dirty deeds with more than 1 male partners.

In a recent interview, Katrina is reportedly very upset with her name being used in the title of the videos. She also said that the girl doesn't even look like her, according to OneIndia entertainment site.

In February, her sister Isabelle was dragged into an alleged MMS
scandal, which up to now, is available on the internet with the title "Katrina Kaif's sister MMS s-x scandal".

Starting out as a fashion model in London, the very beautiful Katrina successfully entered Bollywood films and is now a boxoffice movie
star in India.

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