Ivan Dorschner drunk at a party?


There's a widespread rumor on Twitter and Facebook that PBB Teen Clash of 2010 5th Big Placer Ivan Dorschner allegedly got drunk at a
birthday party recently.

It was Joe Vargas' birthday party and attended by former PBB Teen Clash housemates such as Ivan, Tricia Santos, Patrick Sugui, Jovic Susim, Richard Ng, Ann Li and James Reid.

It all started when someone, who was also at the party, tweeted that Ivan made no "pansin" of Tricia but not when he was drunk and made & already making quot;papansin" to her.

On Facebook, there's another version alleging that Ivan got drunk because he was jealous of Tricia being close to James in the said party.

Tricia later defended Ivan on Twitter by denying the rumor: "Gusto ko lang pong i-clarify, hindi po lasing si Ivan kagabi :) please RT :)
thank you po :)."

So, that's it! I hope the rumor will die down already.

The picture above was taken at Joe's party and as you can see, Ivan looks pinkish but definitely doesn't mean he was drunk that time. So
probably he was only mistaken as such.

Maybe he was "nakainom lang" and not "lasing" because a drunk person is already crawling when he goes home from a party.

And besides, as an Irish guy, Ivan is naturally pinkish, just like this old photo of him:


Ivan by the way now has almost half a million LIKES on Facebook as of
this posting and remains to be the highest among the PBB Teen Clash
2010 ex-housemates:

1. Ivan 419,309 likes
2. James 348,574
3. Bret 214,902
4. Fretzie 139,416
5. Tricia 107,414

Photos courtesy of Ivan's FB account & Izza Fajota via Ivan's FB Page

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