3R for Mariel Rodriguez: Robin Padilla + a Ring = Romance?

It's official! Today, July 18, is Mariel Rodriguez's Declaration Day
of her true feelings for Robin Padilla.

She has shocked her more than 200k Twitter followers today with these tweets:

Mariel Rodriguez Twitter

It was posted by Mariel early in the morning today, so that could mean
she was with Robin last night.

And notice also that the name of Robin is capitalized in the 2nd
tweet. What does it mean? Probably Robin is now a big part of her life or she's proud to shout Robin's name to the world as her new boyfriend.

But on her The Buzz guesting this afternoon, Mariel was quick to deny that they're lovers and insisted they're just friends.

Host KC Concepcion was able to notice Mariel's new ring on her finger,
and asked if it's an engagement ring. Mariel said no, but her
facial expression and gestures were as if she was hiding

Oh my! I would like to believe that the ring came from Robin and it could mean that the two are romancing each other now.

It's indeed a triple R for Mariel now: Robin, a ring and the romance.
And wait, there's another R - Rockwell!

The two were spotted together in Rockwell lately with no one else, but just the two of them. Mariel admitted to ABS-CBN news that they indeed dated at Rockwell and watched "Knight And Day".

Special thanks to Nizel Edillo Resuma @ MaBin Facebook Page for the screen shot

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