What's with the "Inception" movie ending?

They're all talking about the ending of "Inception". Ano kayang meron?

The sci-fi/thriller movie "Inception" has premiered worldwide yesterday, July 15, 2010. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Marion

Written and directed by "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan,
"Inception" is a great movie daw and according to those who watched
here in the Philippines yesterday, mapapamura ka raw after watching
the film sa sobrang ganda. Di nga?

And the Inception ending daw was superb. Truly, the exciting ending is
creating so much hype now for the movie.

People from around the world are discussing about it. Browsing at the Inception reviews online, they're also talking about
the ending. Read on:

Alice Wong @ mymodernmet.com: "Everyone must watch it, and I'm not
exaggerating. THE ENDING WAS PERFECT!!!!"

Regnard Raquedan @ screensucked.com : "The film has a great twist and
an open-ended ending that will make fans scream "mindf*ck!"

Nicholas C @ nicholashandsome.blogspot.com : "Inception is every sense of the word storytelling brilliance and it's beginning, build, climax and ambiguous ending is going to be the subject of many discussions for years to come."

But there are also some who don't like the ending, just like Martyn Conterio @ filmshaft.com : "There is too much 'complex ideas' for
dummies' style dialogue and Nolan isn't quite brave enough to be too
ambiguous. The ending is also less effective than it could be. It appears a tingle instead of a jolt."

The Inception ending makes me so curious that I might watch
it soon. Are you watching too? But watch "Cinco" first okay?

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