Edwardson Base alleged Facebook video scandal likened to Hayden Kho Jr's scandal

An alleged Facebook video scandal of a call center agent has been likened to the
controversial Hayden Kho Jr - Katrina Halili video scandal in 2009 by three news sites (one is a TV Network news site).

GMA News has an article published yesterday on its website about a
call center agent named Edwardson Base who allegedly leaked a scandal video of him and his ex-girlfriend (a college student) on Facebook. And it was headlined "Call center agent does a Hayden Kho Jr, gets arrested."

Interesting to read isn't it?

Then Philippine Star published also its own article about it and also with the same title (just no Kho Jr) : "Call center agent does a Hayden, gets arrested.

Then later in the evening, Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) reported on
its website (a Tagalog version), "Call center agent, arestado matapos mag-ala Hayden Kho".

The reports even recalled the Hayden - Katrina scandal in their stories.

Call center agent Edwardson Base is facing charges allegedly for violating the Anti-Violence against Women and Children, just like the case filed against Hayden.

But Edward is also facing another violation, of a newly-passed law called "Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act".

They may be likened to each other, but there are differences. The girl in the Facebook scandal knew of the video recording but she thought it was already deleted by his ex-bf while Katrina denied she knew about the videotaping.

And also, Hayden was believed as not the one who leaked the video on the internet and did not blackmail Katrina about the video.

Hayden Jr was obviously over-used in those headlines. It was effective though because many people read the article just because of Hayden's name included in the title.

And the headline was retweeted many times on Twitter and also reposted on
Facebook walls. One Twitter user asks, "Is this ethical journalism? Can't a reporter find any other catchy title?"

How about you? Do you think it was foul on the part of Hayden Kho Jr?

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