Singaporean doctor Quek Kai Miew bequeaths millions to Filipina maid

It's now in the worldwide news that a Singaporean doctor named Quek Kai Miew bequeathed $6 million worth of estate to her Filipina maid.

Associated Press reports that Dra. Quek Kai Miew died last year at 66 and her 47-year-old Filipina maid for 26 years has inherited $6M, which includes cash and a luxury apartment.

The amount is in Singaporean dollars and when converted to US $, it's
more than 4million. That's 186 million in Philippine Peso.

Ang swerte naman nya!

But that's actually something she's earned from being dedicated, loyal and trustworthy to Dra. Quek Kai Miew.

The maid's identity wasn't disclosed for an obvious reason. It's kinda sad that the report describes Philippines as a country where rich
people get kidnapped for a ransom and sometimes get killed.

But it's true. It's indeed right not to reveal her name coz her family here might be in danger.

Now, the Pinay domestic helper is planning to reside permanently in
Singapore, no longer as maid but as a multi-millionaire.

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