Enrique Gil is Vice Ganda's newest crush

Showtime resident judge Vice Ganda has expressed over the top admiration to Gigger Boys member Enrique Gil when the latter performed on Showtime Season 2 opener yesterday.

Enrique Gil Photo

Enrique was in the show as celebrity contestant along with Sam Concepcion, Tom Rodriguez, Nico Antonio and Gujji Lorenzana. And after
their performance, Vice screamed, "Ang gwapo nung nakaputi! Ayyy!",
referring to Enrique.

It was almost flattering for Enrique, who's also a crush of Mariel
Rodriguez. However, the sad part is, Vice doesn't know his name. It was like the first time for Vice to see the handsome Enrique.

But how come Vice doesn't know Enrique when in fact they were both in
"Pieta" back in 2008?

Vice was a gay pimp there while Enrique played a major role, as Krista Ranillo's brother who appeared in the show from start to finish.

And that was one year before Vice Ganda become a very popular name on
TV via Showtime, which means he and Enrique had the same status that time.

Ganyan ba talaga if sikat na, 'di na nakakakilala?

I would understand if a Kapuso star would say that he or she doesn't know Enrique, or if it's Vilma Santos or Sharon Cuneta or any senior stars.

It was kinda offensive and Vice should have asked first the staff or
even co-judge Nikki Gil, who was also in "Pieta",.

But for sure now that Vice knows Enrique already, he's not gonna forget his name because Vice admittedly likes Enrique so much.

Starting out as Star Magic 16 member, 18-year-old Enrique has been in showbiz for
two years already. He was also part of Juday-Ryan sitcom "George &
Cecil". He's the newest member of Gigger Boys and also among the latest Bench models.

Enrique is also a familiar face on TVC. He appears in the tv ads for Lewis & Pearl and Skin White, both with Coleen Garcia Ortega, and soon in Jollibee Jolly Hotdog TVC with no less than Sarah Geronimo.

Meg Magazine has named him as one of the 50 Hotties for 2010 and also Candy Mag has listed him as one of its Candy Cuties for the 2nd consecutive year already.

With that, there's no reason not to remember the name ENRIQUE GIL.

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