Alex Crisano shows off his sculpted body


Alex Crisano vaser

PBA's Barako Bull player Alex Crisano underwent a so-called body sculpting procedure recently so he could have a perfectly defined abs, chiseled chest and shoulders, and lean sides.

Alex has undergone Vaser hi def lipo (high definition liposuction), done
by Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute.

And the results...a hotter and sexier Alex who now has a polished, well-sculpted body.

Before sculpting:

After sculpting:

Alex doesn't look so buff and heavy anymore, right?

Last Tuesday, Alex has been officially launched as an image model of Vaser hi def lipo.

Photos courtesy of Alex Crisano / Contours Advanced Face and Body
Sculpting Institute

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  1. Hope he has natural body as i thought. Because i have seen that almost people could be took steroid for make such body.