Indian Hockey Photo Scandal, the latest scandal to rock India

After the Nithyananda Swami video scandal last March, another scandal is causing stir in India and it's concerning the Indian Hockey team.

Allegedly, a videographer of the Indian Hockey team hired prostitutes or call girls and he had a groupie scandal with them in a hotel while on a tour in Canada and China.

Scandal photos reportedly were e-mailed to Hockey India organization last week and the videographer is identified in news reports as Basav Raj (Oh my! Kaapelyido pa ni Venus Raj).

I saw one photo of Raj kissing one skinny, sexy call girl (probably Chinese?) at and it's indeed scandalous.

It's unknown who sent the photos or if Raj was aware he was being shot in the hotel. Or whether he himself was the one who took those pictures.

In a separate report from, members of the Indian Hockey women team reportedly filed a s-xual harrassment complaint against the team's coaching staff.

A 4-member committee has already been formed to investigate on that matter.

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