Comedian Redford White dies at 54

Philippines' seasoned comedian Redford White has died today, July 25,
at the age of 54.

Cause of Redford's death was brain cancer complications, says ANC News Alerts on Twitter.

Prior to his death, there was also this report at Pinoy Parazzi that he was confined for a long time at St. Luke's Medical Center and allegedly suffering cancer, but it was unconfirmed.

Born Cipriano Cermeno, Redford was a popular comedian, most especially during the 80's
and the 90's.

For the oldies out there, his memorable films include "Darakula", "No Return No Exchange" and "Hee-Man". But for the youngsters, he is best remembered as Sol in RPN 9's Buddy En Sol during the 90's.

I can still remember that sitcom. I was in Grade 1 I guess and it also starred Eric Quizon as Buddy and still kiddie Meryll Soriano.

Redford did a number of comedy films with cute titles under Star
Cinema such as "Tik Tak Toys My Kolokotoys", "Tong Tatlong Tatay Kong Pakitong-Kitong", "Haba-Daba Doo Puti-Puti Poo", "Tar-San" and "I Do, I Die (Dyos Ko Day)".

Those films starred Redford with either Babalu or Carding Castro, who both died already in 1998 and 2003 respectively.

I was able to watch some of those which also starred the Child Wonder that time, Serena Dalrymple who was a "click" on screen with Redford and Babalu.

Redford's last movie was the 2008 MMFF entry "Iskul Bukol: 20 Years After" and his last TV shows were "Kokey" in 2007 and "Palos" in 2008, both on ABS-CBN.

The Filipinos are deeply saddened with the news that it caused "Redford White" to trend at #1 worldwide on Twitter today.

He also made it to Google Search Worldwide Hot 100 Trends, at #33.

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