"Fatma Trans TV" another video scandal in Indonesia

Trans TV (Televisi Transformasi), a TV station in Indonesia, is very much alarmed by the scandal called "Video Mesum Fatma Trans TV".

The "Fatma Trans TV" is the title of the scandalous video which was posted for free download online 2 days ago and allegedly, the girl in the video named Fatma is an employee of Trans TV.

Trans TV has admitted they indeed have an employee named Fatma but denied she is in the video.

In a report on the Indonesian news website Jakarta Globe, Trans TV has filed a defamation complaint to the police because the video ruins the public image of the station.

Trans TV is the same station which airs "Insert", formerly hosted by Cut Tari who got involved in a separate scandal one month ago.

For sure, Indonesia will be able to survive the Fatma - Trans Tv scandal.

I actually admire the authority's fast investigation on the Ariel Peterpan-Luna Maya-Cut Tari scandal, that reportedly, they have already arrested the people responsible for the leak and uploading of the video on the internet.

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