SHINee July 2010 Comeback | The K-Pop Group is back!

After being gone for 8 months, Korean Pop-R&B group SHINee is staging a grand comeback this July 2010 in Korea.

The expected comeback date of SHINee is on July 19, but for now, "concept photos" of 3 of its 5 members have been released to possibly serve as "teasers" of the members' new look on their grand comeback.

SHINee comeback 2010
Lee Taemin

Onew Shinee
Lee Jinki or Onew

Minho Comeback 2010
Choi Minho

The other two members are Kim Jonghyun and Kim Kibum or Key whose concept photos will be unveiled on the coming days.

SHINee has already performed here in the Philippines. They've been here last November for the Korean Cultural Festival, the culmination event of the 60th Anniversary of the Philippines - Korea Diplomatic Relations (Friendship Festival), held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Their single "Ring Ding Dong" also entered MYX International Top 20 that month.

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