Introducing Pauline the Octopus | Netherland's Psychic Octopus predicts a Dutch victory

Attention Paul and Mani, someone's challenging you.

Riding on the instant popularity of Paul The Octopus, Netherlands has its own Psychic Octopus and it's a girl.

So she has been named Pauline, obviously derived from Germany's Paul The Octopus.

According to the reports from Times Live (South Africa) and Associated Foreign Press (AFP), Pauline The Octopus has made a hometown decision, meaning it predicted a Dutch victory tomorrow, July 11.

Watch a Youtube video of Pauline:

It's opposed to Paul's prediction that Spain will win but it sided with Mani The Parakeet who also chose the Netherlands.

That just means there are two psychic animals rooting for the Netherlands and only one for Spain.

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