90-day jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan | She's going to jail on July 20!


Lindsay Lohan jail 2010

Lindsay Lohan has been given a 90-day jail sentence by the court in California on Tuesday, July 6, 2010.

As seen in the picture, Lindsay broke down and cried upon hearing the sentence. (And it was the best acting performance of her life!)

Lindsay was sentenced to spend 90 days in jail starting on July 20, for violating the rules or terms of the probation in relation to her DUI and drug cases in 2007.

After serving the jail sentence, Lindsay will also submit herself for a 90-day rehab program.

It will now be the 2nd time that Lohan will be in jail. In August 2007, she was jailed for 84 minutes still in connection to the alcohol abuse case that year.

Wawa naman si Lindsay, but some say it's for her own good.

Photo via Yahoo! News

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