Craving For Reydan


I failed to watch the March 27 episode of Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3, thus I wasn't able to take a glimpse of Reydan Buenagua, the guy who has been talked about by many fans on the internet as they appeal to PPS 3 to bring back this pretty good looking guy.

I wonder what's with Reydan that fans are going gaga over him. In fact, Reydan Buenagua appeared on my incoming searches as brought by fans, who are trying to get some scoops about him on the internet.

And upon seeing his videos, I understand the reason why and I realize that it's indeed a loss and a regret for Pinoy Pop Superstar that they had let go of this guy, who has a complete of mix of talent and star appeal, considering that their previous winners such as Jonalyn Viray and Gerald Santos failed to make it big in the music industry.

I just wish some record producers would get a chance to see him and give him the opportunity to make it big as a music artist, if Pinoy Pop Superstar will no longer give him a second chance.

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