Tina Bids Goodbye To Fellow Housemates


As reported by Slovenian site 24ur.com just today, Tina Selomic of Big Brother Slovenia is now on her way to the Philippines for the Big Brother Swap.

Last night, they had this sort of a "despedida" party to Tina.

Tina talked to her co-housemates. She's a bit worried, but excited.

One housemate helped Tina pack her things.

And here's Tina's departure from Slovenian Big Brother house today, April 20, courtesy of 24ur.com:

Tina puts on her clothes, Slovenia's national costume.

She says goodbye to her co-housemates. Stane, who recently has expressed his admiration to Tina, hugs her and wishes her goodluck.

Slovenian housemates get emotional. Tina gets hugs from Tjasa and Jasmina.

Suzana, their "ate" in the house, cries the most on Tina's departure.

Stane, Suzana and Jasmina have their last look on Tina as she leaves the house.

Tina, blindfolded, leaves the house.

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